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Retina Ready

Athletica is perfectly adapted to various screen sizes, and its Attractive fresh design makes it look great.


We are Reliance Games

About Us
About Us


An eclectic mix of creative minds

Great minds from four cultures, Born across three continents work in tandem, Fuelled by their passion, Creating technologically advanced, artistic and creative games, That are loved by millions.

50+ titles
Blockbuster Hollywood IPs
500 Million downloads
10+ topchart games
Global audience in
45 countries
4+ star average rating


Our past successes speak for us, The future we strive to create.
Check out our Masterpieces and prepare to be amazed, because Our Exceptional Designs make an awesome experience.



From conceptualising to creating, from publishing to marketing, from sponsorships to third party partnerships -we are equipped with the work force, both, qualified and ready for everything that's required to make any game 'The Game'.

Our teams support
our creations with,

- World-class QA
- A.R.M. expertise
- Business intelligence
- Game data cloud service
- Player management platform
- Customized analytical solutions

We are Marketers Too

Yes, we not only publish games but also have a strong marketing team to promote them as well. Dedicated marketing and UA teams coupled with third party partnerships help us give the necessary boost to all our games.

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3 Countries across 3 Continents

United States, United Kingdom, India we have offices in the three most awesome countries of the world.


Amit khanduja


Amit khanduja



Patrick Dwyer


Patrick Dwyer

(Game Design Director)


Abhishek Vyas


Abhishek Vyas

(Head of Studio)


Narendra Kamath


Narendra Kamath

(Chief Finance Officer)


QA Testing

Partner with Reliance Games to move beyond the limitations of traditional Q.A. outsourcing. Leverage expertise from fellow developers at an award-winning game studio and unlock authentic insights during the testing phase. Lean on our years of expertise to ensure you are delivering a high-quality player experience.

Reliance Games has in-house experts that provide extensive testing across multiple platforms including mobile, PC, and console. We support several key pillars of the Q.A. process, including.

Functionality Testing
Find and resolve common problems within the gameplay or the game UI, such as poor game mechanics or crash issues.

UI Testing
You are driving the creative direction and user experience in the game, let us handle the UI testing across all graphics and content.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Can your game run on an iPhone 12 as well as a Samsung Galaxy device? Leverage our extensive experience in cross-platform games to deliver a universal game standard and experience.

Game Load & Performance Testing
Is your current infrastructure sufficient to power the game as you grow? We can test the sustainability, performance, and scalability of the app under peak user load.

Compliance Testing
We find and report objectionable content that may impact your App content rating across various App Stores.

Multi-Player Testing
Whether your game is a real-time PVP or asynchronous experience let us handle the server/device testing to make certain it can handle multiplayer interactions.


Live Operations

For nearly the past decade Reliance Games has developed expertise across all areas of Live Operations managing our 1st party games. Now our award-winning game studio wants to partner with you to maximize the player life cycle and turbocharge revenue in your game.

A/B Testing
A/B testing is an important tool to utilize in order to maximize player engagement and event conversions. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with meaningful, data-driven insights that allow you to implement positive changes in your game.

Economy Balancing/Management
The cornerstone to creating an attractive game economy is striking the optimal balance. In order to deliver your users an ideal buy/earn ratio, our experts will first ensure the sources are in peak balance with your sinks.

Promotions & Live Events
Whether it's a weekly multiplayer tournament or a one-off promotional event - our team can help you design and deploy for maximum impact.

Data Insights
Missing key data points from your user's experience is the best way to have them churn. We can work with you to design a data capture/analytics infrastructure to allow you to take actionable insights and correct problem areas to hit internal KPIs.

Content Updates
New characters, additional levels, brand new inventory items, or updates to the core features - we collaborate with you to deliver against all your content needs.

Success Metrics

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Jago Studios

Our partnership with Reliance Games has been great. Their expertise in data analysis and their wisdom from prior live games’ experience has consistently improved our decision-making. From development to marketing to customer support, It has been truly collaborative, like they are a natural extension of our own team. .

Stuart Drexler, CEO and Founder

Meet The Gamers

Our teams are constantly imbibing the values, guidance, and vision of the Senior Management who have, with their experience in the gaming and media industry put Reliance Games successfully on the global gaming map.

Amit khanduja


Abhishek Vyas

(Head of Studio)

@ Reliance Games



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