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Total Recall

Get a break from your mundane life and dive into the thrilling, sci-fi action game designed on the same lines as the fast-paced movie from the house of Sony Pictures.

Something has gone awry. You find yourself in the year 2084 and are running for your life. There are mysterious (and dangerous) assailants on your tail after a trip to the memory implant center ‘Rekall’ goes horribly wrong. The Fate of the World hangs in the balance, as the line between Fantasy and Reality dissolves into a Paranoid Dream.

– Brand new user interface
– Step in as Douglas Quaid and fight your way through New Asia
– Travel to the core of the Earth
– Brand new Survival mode! Go right ahead and fight to survive
– Take up the all new CHINA FALL mission and complete the story
– All missions are in 3D, realistic and picked directly from the movie
– Walk through cutting edge 3D environments like Rekall Center, Red Light District, Apartment and the Rooftop
– Get briefed and debriefed about mission in a unique comic style
– Choose from a wide variety of weapons to fight wisely and fiercely
– New weapon textures
– Rip through the enemies with the rapid-fire GATLING LMG and the one-shot kill handgun, RHINO!
– Easy to learn controls
– Intuitive touch and tilt controls
– First person rail shooter
– Stay on-guard. You never know what’s around the corner
– Free weapon on entering DVD code for Golden Eye gun

Total Recall Game is highly recommended for all fans of action, adventure and Sci-Fi thrillers, as well as those of First Person Shooter and Role Playing Games.

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